Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day One of 12 Days

This is day one of 12 Days... a holiday door hanger from Kirklands.  It's less than $3 regular price.  And they are having some GREAT sales with coupons right now along with the fact if you give them your contact information they take $10 off your purchase!  I also picked up 12 of these gift bags (in this pattern and one more pattern) for 25 cents each at Walmart.  What's your day 1?
If you couldn't pull this off by today don't panic - just start on Monday with 10 days.  Your teacher will still love it - I promise;)  If you need some places to shop...
  • Kirklands & Hobby Lobby have TONS of cute items, cute cups, koozies, hostess gloves, ornaments, holiday planners, holiday decor (most of it on sale:). 
  • Old Navy usually marks down their gloves & scarves over the next few weeks - and those are nice gifts for the playground. 
  • Today Bath & Body Works had some super cute vanilla infused with shea butter slipper socks marked down to $3 and holiday scented antibacterial lotion for $2.50.
  • Target & Michaels usually has some cute items in their Dollar sections at this time of year.  Items like holiday signs, festive stationary, a dish towel or some type of lotion or soap.
  • World Plus Market also has a cute Dollar section and some very useful in expensive items in the kitchen section (like mini collapsible funnels, mini whisks, measuring spoons, microplanes, etc.).


  1. I haven't decided what my "day one" item is yet.... probably a cute little Snowman spoonrest :) I think I'm going to get some of those Wisp portable toothbrush sets for your purse (or desk!) to add in on one of my days. I love those things and a lot of people don't know about them.

  2. Day 1 for us is a mini whisk filled with hershey kisses. The tag will say, "We whisk you a Merry Kissmas!"
    In joy,

  3. Troye - That is so cute!! Have you seen the cute ideas on - They gave their teacher A&W rootbeer with a tag that said you're an AWesometeacher:)

  4. Will you please share your notes that went with the gifts? Thanks!

  5. Sure! The note said:
    There are 12 days left until the holiday,
    And some of our actions may make you want to runaway!
    We're all a little hyper and we've lost our listening skills,
    But it's only because this season gives us such a thrill.
    So here's a little gift for this very reason.
    Please know how much you are appreciated during this very hectic season.

    And then each day I just count down.