Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Boo to YOU!

Happy October Everyone!  It's fall y'all, time for football and bonfires and pumpkins and the fun tradition of Boo'ing or Ghosting your friends and neighbors!  I picked up a few items to "Boo" our teacher with tomorrow.  A cute cup that says "You're a HOOT" I bought from Walmart for $5, embellished soap I made and her favorite candy.  

I embellished the soap bottle.  This can be done for any holiday and it's inexpensive to "make".  Here's what you need.  Bedazzled stickers - I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby.  You can usually find these in the scrapbook section or among the holiday theme items.  These stickers are currently on sale 40% off.  A bottle of soap I purchased at Kroger (they currently have lots of fall themed scented hand soaps on sale for $1). And you will need Goo Gone (I prefer the spray bottle as opposed to the squirt bottle).


Peel the clear label off the front of the bottle.  It comes off pretty easily in one piece as you can see below.  You can take the paper label off the back of the bottle but it is way more cumbersome and I like to keep that label on so the recipient knows what is in the bottle and can easily see the list of ingredients.

You can not see from this picture but there is a sticky residue left behind from the label that you need to clean off the bottle.  Next you need to hold the bottle with a paper towel to cover the back label  and spray a little Goo Gone on sticky residue you are trying to remove.  Rub the Goo Gone all over the front of the bottle until you feel the sticky residue starting to come loose.  Then I use a little plastic scraper to scrape the residue off the bottle.

Once you think you have scraped most of the residue off, use a paper towel to wipe the front of the bottle clean and make sure there is no Goo Gone or sticky residue from the label left behind.  Then just add your stickers to embellish the bottle.  And voila!  You have a cute holiday themed soap that cost under $2 to make.