Monday, December 6, 2010

Day Three of 12 Days

Happy Monday everyone!  Only one more Monday after today!!  Day 3 of 12 Days is a "peppermint stripe" travel cup.  They have these sometimes at the dollar store, right now at Hobby Lobby and at Kirklands.  I got these at Kirklands for $1.99 on a SUPER sale because they are regularly $7.99!!  I love these type cups because they keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks warm.  What's your Day 3?


  1. Day 3 - Back to the "grind" but not for long...a Starbucks Christmas blend instant packet tied to a gingerbread biscotti. I use your poem each day. Thanks for posting!
    Day 2 - Eggless Christmas tree sugar cookies with lots of red sprinkles! One of our teachers is allergic to eggs. Cookies tasted great! Just made a sugar cookie recipe and put a little apple sauce, water and baking powder instead of the egg!
    Day 1 - Hand sanitizer for each teacher personalized (used glue gone and took label off) with ribbon.

    Thanks for all the ideas...your blog is great!

  2. Tricia I love it!! Hey and did you know that Martha Stewart has a line of bottled soaps and lotions at KMART that she made to have the labels peel off easily!! She hates labels on soap (go figure:) so she made them easy to peel off. Thanks for posting. You all are giving me great ideas!!