Monday, December 13, 2010

"Gingerbread" Houses 2010

Hello!  I'm short on time this week so I made 2 videos to explain how I make graham cracker "gingerbread" houses.  These aren't pretty - but it's the best I could do this week so please bear with me.  The first video shows you how to cut a graham cracker without breaking it.  The second video shows you how I assemble the houses with NO HOT GLUE or MILK CARTONS!  I have also attached some of the fabulous pictures from my child's class.  The teacher picked up these white Styrofoam trays from the butcher shop at a local grocery store for FREE.  It's the perfect setting for the houses:)  Plus she asked every child to bring in their OWN can of frosting to decorate the houses with and a bag of candy to share.  Our teacher ROCKS this year!!  Good Luck!

  • I ended up using one and a half bags of cookie icing to completely assemble 34 houses.
  • I used about 6 boxes of graham crackers
  • I always make at least 5-6 more houses than I need in case anyone gets a little rough and breaks their house.  Last year only 1 child broke their house if that tells you anything. 
  • It's just easier to pre-assemble these houses and let the kids decorate them.  It takes less time in class and it lets the children do what they really love with this activity!
  • Apparently when it's late, you are making a million "gingerbread houses" and making an online tutorial you get the facts about which children and which year they are in Kindergarten a little mixed up;)



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