Wednesday, February 9, 2011

O"FISH"AL Valentines

I had to make my son valentines for his class.  I've never made valentines for a boy before so I wanted to make something "boyish" and toddler appropriate.  So, I thought up these cute little valentines.  This idea stemmed from the testing snacks I did for ITBS and the eighteen25 blog.  You could use goldfish crackers OR Swedish fish candy.

Card Stock
Goldfish Crackers or Swedish Fish Candy (you may be able to find them already individually packaged)
Small Clear bags (I used lollipop bags)
Hole Punch

  1. Print the wording onto colored card stock making sure to space out the words so you can draw a fish around them.  Mine read: You're a Catch!  Will you O"FISH"ALLY be my Valentine?
  2. Draw or trace (from a template) a fish around the words.  Cut the fish out, add a face if you like and punch a hole in the mouth.
  3. If you bought prepackaged crackers or candy great, then just punch a hole into the bag!  If not, put some candy or crackers into the small clear bags, fold and staple to secure shut - then punch a hole in the bag.
  4. String the ribbon into a straw.  Tie a knot at the bottom of the straw to secure the ribbon.
  5. Bend the top of the straw, string the ribbon at the top through a cardstock fish and then through a bag of crackers or candy and tie the ribbon to secure the cardstock fish and candy/crackers at the end.
  6. Enjoy!