Monday, November 29, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Story

Six years ago my daughter was at a new school. I wasn't room mom, I had a new baby and so I found it hard to get to know my daughter's teachers. I wanted to do something during December that made an impact because I know in classes of 3-5 year olds December is an INSANE time to deal with the little "ones". And so I started the 12 days of Christmas. I send in one small item each day for the 12 days leading up to the holiday break - for my children's school this year the 12 days starts THIS THURSDAY. It's nothing spectacular but the teachers LOVED it and said it gave them something to look forward to each day, a reason to come to work (or at least a reason to want to come to work:). The first year I did the 12 days it took the teachers a few days to catch on. I try to shop all year round but with all the great sales right now it's easy to pick up GREAT gifts marked down. Below are the gifts I sent in last year along with the poem I wrote and send in each day (I just change the number of days to reflect the school days left until the holiday break). I will post the items from this year in a future post.
It's important to note however that this is something I do for the teacher from me. I do not collect money for this. In fact, when I do collect money for a class gift I always save that as the gift on the 12th day or last day before the break. You can always coordinate this with other parents in the classroom by each taking certain days - you just need to be sure that they are going to follow through and I'm too much of a control freak to trust (I know you are super shocked about that).  Anyway I would love to hear your ideas!
12 Days Poem
There are 12 days left until the holiday,
And some of our actions may make you want to run away.
We're all a little hyper and we've lost our listening skills,
But it's only because this season gives us such a thrill.
So here's a little gift for this very reason,
Please know how much you're appreciated during this very hectic season!

 This was day 1 of 2009.
It was just a holiday dish towel.  I posted a picture of the packaging I use.  I try to send the same type bag in each day - something that can fit in my daughter's bag and I attach the poem with ribbon.

 This was day 2 of 2009. 
 It was a monogrammed ornament.

This was day 3 of 2009.
A holiday hanger, some tissues and a notebook.

This was day 4 of 2009. 
Some Bath &Body Works soap & lotion.

 This was day 5 of 2009.
A monogrammed koozie and her favorite soda.

 This was day 6 of 2009.
Slipper socks and her favorite candy.

 This was day 7 of 2009.
Monogram dishes. 

 This was day 8 of 2009. 
It was a sign and some room spray to make her family den "warm".

 This was day 9 of 2009. 
It was "all things kitchen".  A pair of hostess gloves for washing dishes, a mini funnel that collapses and a little "scraper" to get those tough spots off the bottom of pans.

 This was day 10 of 2009. 
Our teacher travels a lot so we bought her a packing list and these bags to pack her shoes and delicates in case the airport security decides to rummage!!

 This was day 11 of 2009. 
It was a magazine subscription to Southern Living with a Southern Living vase.

This was day 12 (the last day) of 2009. 
It was "all things paper" and I gave her the class gift we collected of $100 - and since she had everything else monogrammed I figured her toilet paper should be too!  Our teacher used that money to buy gas so she and her family could visit their family in an out of town state.  I can NOT say enough about how wonderful cash gifts are...they are not impersonal to a teacher - they can make all the difference!!

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