Thursday, November 14, 2013

Holiday Lunch 2013 Sneek Peek!

It's beginning to look a lot like Holiday Lunch!  This year's theme is SHINE (there will be lots of gold and silver with accents of burlap and greenery and......pallets).  While the majority of our decor is under wraps...I just couldn't keep these little gems a secret!  If you are responsible for decorating your school cafeteria on a tight budget here are some LOW cost items.

The green trees are bay leaf trees and I plan to make a few (or 20;) for my house.  The poster board was purchased from the Dollar Store (green poster board is $0.69 a sheet and I was able to get 2 cones out of each sheet of poster board).  I used this tutorial to make the poster board into a cone shape.  And then we hot glued bay leaves onto the trees.  If you live anywhere but the southeast they sell these in bulk at Costco.  Word on the street is you can buy them at Sam's.  Or you could raid your neighbor's yard or the local Farmer's Market like I did:)  I purchased bulk bags of bay leaves that cost $0.74  a bag.  One bag made about 2 trees depending on how crushed the leaves were in the bag.  Which makes this little project a whopping $0.72 a tree!

For the pine cone "trees" we just used a die cutter to cut out little stars from glitter paper and we hot glued them to the tips.  

Check back in December for a complete post of our holiday lunch with pictures and instructions!