Monday, November 8, 2010

Scarecrow Ideas

Our school has an annual tradition of making scarecrows for their fall festival. This can be a daunting task but they try to make it as fun and creative as possible. For example, currently Walmart & JoAnn's have premade scarecrows for under $10 that room parents can purchase and then redecorate for their class theme. Because these scarecrows either have to stand on their own or be able to be propped up, some room parents get really creative. For example, Denise (the mother of all room parents;) made a scarecrow in a bikini one year laying on a beach lounge chair. She used panty hose that the children stuffed to make the body, arms and legs. She also has taken a black trash bag, stuffed it, then made legs and added eyes for a spider scarecrow.

Our class will be making a "Tin Man" scarecrow. My plan is to use:

  • a box for the body
  • 2 dryer vent hoses (metallic accordion) - these will be the arms & legs
  • TWO 90 degree angle dryer hose connectors (silver) - these will be the "shoulders"
  • a funnel (to use as a hat)
  • a plastic milk carton - to use as the head
  • a mask - this will be glued to the flat side of the milk carton and spray painted silver to make a face on the Tin Man
  • a plastic toy ax - for the tin man to hold
  • a SMALL bale of straw or hay - just for effect

So here was our finished product. We took 3rd place.

And here is why I may never commission a 1st place scarecrow...because this is my competition:) Isn't this AMAZING?!!

If you need some more ideas click here for a GREAT site that has TONS of ideas along with pictures.

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