Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cheap Halloween Tradition

OK let's get something straight, I'm not a big fan of Wendy's. Their "chicken" nuggets are the worst fast food item on the planet as far as processed food goes and I really don't like their Frosty's (for some reason I think they are like drinking Vaseline mixed with chocolate syrup). However, all kids love them and every once in a while I think it's not going to kill them to have a small "treat".

SO, every October Wendy's sells these coupon books for $1. It's 10 FREE Jr. Frosty's coupons for $1 and the money goes to an adoption charity. The coupons are good until December 31st of that year. It's for a great cause and I can give a coupon to every child in an entire class for $3 at MOST. That's my cheap Halloween tradition - what's yours?

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