Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 CRCT Testing Snacks

CRCT Testing is here!  This is my child's 3rd standardized test this year.  WHEW!  The snack plan I used for the last 2 tests were a big hit so I am basically implementing the same plan.  Unlike the other standardize tests, students are NOT allowed to eat a snack during their testing break (I know, just another reason to love the CRCT).  My teacher asked if we could still have a snack everyday because the kids were looking forward to it and so I am doing a snack in my class - but I don't think it is necessary.  I asked parents to send in breakfast items which I listed below for the teacher to offer the students each morning - this I do recommend!!  Often times the children either didn't have time to eat breakfast, were too nervous before school to eat or they did eat and just enjoy the extra boost before testing.  I then am sending in my usual snack bags (see below).  And I'm sending in an afternoon tas a reward for the students.  To see the snack plans I used earlier in the year click here.  To see the CRCT snack plan I used last year click here.  

Breakfast Items - Highly Recommend
Granola Bars
Nutragrain Bars
Mini Bagels
Homemade Granola

*NOTHING with HFCS or food dyes

Snack Bags - These daily snack combinations are all individually bagged to make it easier for the teacher to distribute
Monday - Pretzel Rods, Carrot Sticks, Grapes
Tuesday - Wheat Thins, Apple Slices & Cheddar Cheese Squares
Wednesday -  Clementines & Pretzel Sticks
Thursday - Cheddar Crackers, Grapes and String Cheese
Friday - Pretzel sticks, Cheddar Cheese Squares Carrot Sticks

Daily Snack Treat
Monday - Cookies because each student is "One Smart Cookie"
Tuesday - Smarties since the kids are all "Smartie Pants"
Wednesday - Cookies because each student is "One Smart Cookie"
Thursday - NERDS  because nerds are cool!
Friday - Popcorn because that is what the teacher wants to give during the movie:)

I also purchased this plate at Spiritwares for around $13 to give our teacher as a gift.  They work so hard for this test and it's ALL in the students' hands.  It's a VERY stressful week.

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