Sunday, October 17, 2010

ITBS Testing Snacks

ITBS testing starts tomorrow!! As room parent, I always work with my teacher on testing snacks. Below is a run down of what I usually organize as well as my "schedule" of planned snacks and treats this week. **This week I got a lot of items sent in so I modified my original plan to go with the flow and accept the help I was given.** What snacks or ideas do you have for testing week?

    Game Plan for Testing

  1. First, the week before the test I ask parents to send in HEALTHY items for "breakfast" that will keep in the classroom like clementines, bananas, granola bars, fruit bars, mini bagels, etc. That way the teacher has a "stash" of food he or she can offer the children each day before the test. Most kids either don't eat breakfast or are hungry by the time they get to school.
  2. Then I usually work with one or two other parents to provide snack. Each day I pre-packaged each snack in individual quart size bags (each quart size bag contains a grain, a snack bag of fruit or a veggie and some sort of dairy). I do this so that it's easy for the teacher to pass out and gives the kids plenty of time to eat. If the children don't like a certain food included in the snack they may ask the teacher to "trade out" for one of the breakfast items. Each day I send snack in a cooler bag with my child. If you know anyone who sells Thirty-One they have great bags!! Like this one that holds all this stuff and is easy for my child to carry!

  3. For BIG tests I will then send in a daily "treat". This may be smarty pants, smarty grams or whatever else I may come up with. I try to include an encouraging note. These are passed out AFTER the test to give the children something to look forward to each day.

Snack Schedule:

Day One - Snack: Pretzel sticks, cheese stick, carrots and cucumber slices with ranch dip. Treat: One Smart Cookie Day Two - Snack: Goldfish crackers, apple slices & colby jack cheese (not pictured) Treat: "Smartie Pants" (and yes smartie is spelled like the brand:)

Day Three - Snack: Pretzel sticks, grapes, cheddar cheese Treat: Nerds (Have you heard NERDS are the best? Especially ones who take the ITBS test!)

Day Four - Snack: Homemade granola, carrots & celery sticks, string cheese Treat: "Smartie Pants"

Day Five - Snack: Goldfish crackers, carrots & cucumber slices, organic fruit snacks Treat: Swedish Fish or you can use Goldfish crackers (You are O"fish"ally done with ITBS) I got this idea From eighteen 25 here.

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  1. What a fabulous mommy and "room mom" you are! Your teacher and those kids in that class are very lucky to have you as room mom. I found your list of snack ideas so helpful. I'm going to get a bunch of things for our teacher and bring them in next week so she has snacks on hand, especially for the kids who don't get to eat healthy breakfasts... Thanks for the great ideas!