Friday, October 29, 2010

Spooky House Cookies

Today in class we are making spooky house cookies. I love this project because I work with the teacher to have the children write a story to go along with the spooky houses. Sometimes the teachers have the children write the story before I come in to do the cookies and sometimes they write the story after they make their cookie. It's a great literacy activity and it works for any grade.

Below are two examples I made, but the children are free to decorate the cookie however they wish. I learned a great tip from my Kindergartner's teacher a few weeks ago. Instead of making 20 piping bags full of icing (which is pretty messy and hard for the little ones to control), she just gave each child a plate, a popsicle stick and put a glob of icing on their plate. Then the children used the popsicle stick to spread the icing. So, I am definitely going that route today and then I plan to put each child's decorations in their own Halloween paper muffin liner (they are cheap, very cute and hold each child's individual candy decorations so they don't go rolling all over the place). Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

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