Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Getting to Know You...Getting to Know All About You...

The first step in being a room mom is to get to know your teacher.  Below is a Teacher Profile you can use to help break the ice and begin to get to know your teacher, what he/she likes and what he/she needs assistance with.  Your teacher is a wealth of knowledge so use him or her.  They know best what works in the classroom.  And likewise make sure if you ask them to fill this out you not only use the answers they provide but you share them with the other parents of the class.  I knew of one teacher who wrote on her teacher profile she was allergic to flowers.  The parents of the class sent flowers in for almost every occasion that year.  Now either they really didn't like the teacher, they failed to read the answers she wrote or some sweet parent just wasn't informed of her allergy.  Either way it's the room parent's responsibility to notify and/or organize teacher gifts for the different occasions throughout the year and in doing so you should always provide them with a list of the teacher's favorites. 
Teacher Profile
(Please fill out and return to So & So’s mom)

Full Name:
Family Names (please list spouse, children & pets):

Hobbies or Interests:
Favorite Store(s):
Favorite Restaurant(s):
Favorite Flower:
Favorite Candy:
Favorite Drink/Soda:
Favorite Snack(s):
Favorite Cake:
Favorite Color:
Anniversary of becoming a teacher:
Anniversary of teaching at this school:

What projects, programs or special events can I assist with this year?

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