Monday, December 3, 2012

"Merry-Mint" Holiday Lunch 2012

This year our theme was Merry-Mint!  I purchased a blue backdrop from Shindigz.  (And I still have about half of the roll left after using this much.)  I make the house and the trees and the reindeer out of insulation board (I bought 4ft x 9ft sheets from Home Depot for about $12 a sheet).  For the reindeer we just used a wooden one from a neighbor's yard as a pattern to cut the insulation board  and then I spray painted it white.  For the house and the trees we cut out the insulation board and covered it with wrapping paper I bought (the striped was from Hobby Lobby and the red glitter was from Walmart).  The roof of the house I spray painted white and then used spray adhesive to attach "snow flakes" I bought at Walmart.

Lunch Tables
For the tables I cut red and white table clothes (I purchased from the Dollar Store) in strips (red was 6 inches wide and the white was 3 inches wide).  I sewed 5 red strips together end to end lengthwise and then 5 white strips together end to end lengthwise.  Then I laid the LONG white strip I had made  on top of the LONG red strip and ran it through my sewing machine "pinching" them  together every so often to make it look ruffled.  Then I taped them down as runners across the middle of the table.  The custodians like these because the are easy to wipe off each day.

I also purchased some mint and lollipop decor on sticks from Hobby Lobby to use as centerpieces on the tables.  I purchased Styrofoam cubes and half spheres (to use as anchors).  We covered the Styrofoam in red glitter and then stuck the the mint and lollipop decor into them.  Then we just placed these out on the table and added some peppermint ornaments in between.

Guest Tables & Lunch Line
For the guest tables I used red and white round plastic table covers I bought from Party City.  Then I placed some decorations I bought from Hobby Lobby (a resin Happy Holidays sign and metal gift boxes).  For the lunch lines we just placed "snow" fabric on top and then wrapped boxes in the peppermint striped wrapping paper and used some large outdoor peppermint ornaments I bought from Hobby Lobby on top of the snow.  On the milk line we used the left over insulation board to cut squares and triangles and covered these in the wrapping paper, snow and a string of lights.

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