Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back to School 2012

It's Back to School time!  I'm trying to muster some excitement because honestly this summer went by way to fast and I miss my babies already.  I don't like them going back to school, not one bit, but I'm going to put my big girl panties on and deal with it.  In the meantime, we picked up a few things for their teachers to make the first week of school a little easier (because I'm SURE they are SO excited too;). 

I've been making back to school kits for the past 8 years (yikes!).  I have found the following items especially useful and included them in my kit this year:
  • lint brush
  • tide stick or shout wipes
  • mints
  • hand sanitizer
  • advil/aleeve/excedrin (for the headaches that could possibly ensue)
  • cute paper/binder clips
  • thank cards/note cards
  • chocolate
  • mouse-pad tablet (I love these and so many teachers have commented they love them too!  Often their desks are so crowded and it's convenient to have a multipurpose pad of paper.  These cute mouse-pad tablets are in the dollar section now at Target.)
  • Smart water (because it tastes the best and it's smart for school to stay hydrated;)

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