Monday, May 7, 2012

Soap Clouds

Yet another reason I LOVE Pinterest, the really cool science projects you can do with children!  I stumbled on soap clouds over at  You can make these super cool creations with a bar of IVORY soap and your microwave.  Yep, that is all you need.  Our Best Bites site had lots of ways you could utilize soap clouds including breaking them back down and molding the soap into shapes.  However, I saw their picture and had a different idea in mind...

My youngest daughter has Market Day next week.  Each child has to make 25 of an item (of their choosing), decide on a price (hopefully based on cost), bring it to school and try to sell their item to students from the other classes at their "booth" (or desk).  No real money is exchanged, it's just an exercise for them to learn economics.  Every year we've been able to make food, but for some ridiculous reason we can't this year.  Which left me stumped.  So I decided if we can't make food, we'll make a product that looks like food and I think we did pretty well!  We bought IVORY soap bars, broke them into pieces, placed them in the microwave on high for 27 seconds and viola, soap clouds that we could pull apart into "popcorn" pieces.  This really is a great project that your child can do.  The soap easily breaks into pieces with a dull butter knife and it never gets to hot for them to touch!  It can be a little messy (with the soap pieces), but the kitchen smells good and everything is VERY clean when you are done!  We got about 3 popcorn boxes filled with 1 bar of soap.  I'm so excited for her to show her class and teacher! 

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  1. I just stumbled upon your site this morning, and I LOVE all of your ideas and resources. I can't wait to try the soap clouds with my kids!!

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    Ann Saylor