Sunday, August 21, 2011

Flower Boxes

I first saw flower boxes a million years ago on an Oprah episode.  Some chick in California was making these suckers and selling them for $200 and up EACH.  Now, she did have the custom box handmade for each order and shipping them was not cheap.  But still.  I love these boxes and I always get a lot of compliments when I give them.  I've even had a couple funeral homes ask me to make them on a regular basis.  I usually give them as funeral arrangements, but I have also given them as gifts for birthdays and special occasions.  I buy whatever box I can usually find that is on sale and meets the aesthetic that I'm looking for (usually from Michaels, Target or Hobby Lobby).  I purchase flowers that are sturdy and ones I will know will dry nicely (without having to place them upside down in a dry place).  Roses, carnations and mums are your best bet.  I would NOT try and dry orchids, hydrangeas or lily's.  I line the box with either waterproof fabric or plastic, place the ribbon for the tag inside, cut oasis foam (that I've pre-soaked) to fill and fit flush in the box, I cover the foam with moss and then add flowers.  Below are just some of the boxes I have made...

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