Monday, August 2, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Back to School...

I've been getting a lot of things organized today. It makes my life a lot easier once school begins. I have officially completed the girls school supply list and have each child's items organized and ready to go.

I also have all my items for the Teacher Survival Kits you can read about here and see how mine are coming along here...

And the completed basket here...
Below is the letter I sent this year with our baskets.

Back To School Survival Basket
Welcome back! We know it’s hard to come back to school for teachers, too! We thought you may like a back to school survival basket to make your return a little easier. Below is a list of what the basket contains. We are excited about this year and getting to know you!
Love, The Thompson Family
This Basket Contains -
Shout Wipes, Lint Brush & Sewing Kit - in case of clothing emergencies.
Travel Toothbrush & Mints – just in case you run late one morning or lunch was especially potent!
Advil – because chances are you will have a headache…but hopefully not!
Chocolate - because it makes everything better.
Cookies, Chips, Candy & Soda – in case you need a little pick me up
Polka Dot Note Cards – in case you need to write a note.
Birthday & “Great Job” Badges for the Kids – because they were cute and we thought you may want to use them.
Name Tags for Parents – We thought you may like them for class parties or curriculum night.
Notepad Mousepad – Because it’s cute and very functional.
Sassy Binder Clips – just because!
Teacher Profile – something we hope you will fill out and return (even if we are not the room parent) – it helps us pamper you the best way possible throughout the year!

And here is one of my favorite gifts to give teachers - . They have these at Hobby Lobby in lots of different patterns. They are back in the stationary/gift/invitation aisle and they are $3.99 (usually on sale 50% off at some point during the month:) This line also has coordinating coffe cups, lunch totes, clip boards and binder clips.
And I've already organized a "homework drawer" for the kids. This way anything they may need to complete homework is already organized and ready to go (no wasting time running around the house). Inside I have plain paper, lined paper and extra composition journals I picked up while school supply shopping, a ruler and book lights. When they are done they pack their box back up and place it in the drawer. It keeps the house clean and me from losing my mind - and it also makes it nice if we have to go out to eat or to practice they can grab their box and everything they may need to do their homework "on the go".

Each child has their own box that has age appropriate items. My third grader's box looks like this.

My Kindergartner's box looks like this.

And if you may be a little OCD like I am and prefer the crayons and markers be a supervised activity you can make a separate box that stays on a shelf in a cabinet out of their reach. This box has two sets of crayons and markers (I have fatter crayons and small fat markers for my Kindergartner), construction paper, extra colored pencils and regular pencils.

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