Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flower Power

I love flowers. I actually thought about opening a floral business once, but then I thought hey why don't I just volunteer for a living! I'm pretty happy with my decision - my hubby not so much;) But he still thinks the stuff I do is pretty nifty. Below are two of my most popular floral gifts - both I have given to teachers and friends. I always buy my flowers from Costco because they are the cheapest and they have amazing flowers. If I can't make it there, then Sam's is my next line of defense and believe it or not Kroger has some great deals too. They almost ALWAYS have a discounted section at my Kroger and I can usually pick up a cheap bouquet for under $5 - I just have to go through and remove some petals that might not look their best.

This one was inspired by Martha Stewart - the queen of crafting in my opinion. I HATE that there is no longer a Martha Stewart Kids or Martha Stewart Babies magazine. I saved every copy I ever had and I STILL use them. Anywho, this teacher, Ms. Joan, had a birthday in August that crept right up on me! I knew Ms. Joan loved Skittles and I knew she loved flowers so I put this arrangement together for her. The candy is completely edible!!

I've also made the above type of arrangement in the fall with Reese's Pieces & yellow Gerber daisies & black eyed susans and I've also done one with candy corn and sunflowers. Martha featured this type of arrangement in her magazine a couple years back. She had a whole spread of different candies with different flowers. Here is the link to her website that explains how to do this.

I also like to do flower boxes when there has been a death in one of my friend's or family member's life. These are great gifts because the flowers can be left to dry and the arrangement can be kept forever - or the recipient can remove the flowers and use the box to store photos or mementos of their loved ones. This is the most recent box I did for our cousin who lost her little girl.

I've been doing these boxes for about 4 years now. I actually saw a florist featured on Oprah and went I went to purchase one I was shocked to learn that the cheapest box was well over $100. I just bought flowers, floral foam and a box at Hobby Lobby and slapped one together myself. I have yet to find a tutorial or directions on how to make one online. ***UPDATE: My friend Trica commented that Better Homes & Gardens have online directions here!! Thanks Tricia!!***Below is a rough description of what I do:
To complete this project you will need a box, flowers (for the arrangement above I used 2 dozen roses - and really you need a hardy flower so I suggest roses or carnations), floral foam for FRESH flowers (as Tricia stated in the comments this is sometimes called "Wet Foam" - if you purchase the foam for dry floral arrangements it will damage your flowers), a small bag of Spanish Moss, a knife to cut the foam & flowers and something to line the box with (plastic wrap, rubber/plastic drawer lining).
  1. Basically I find a box I like - the one above happened to be a napkin holder I bought at Target. Sometimes I but the wooden photo boxes from Hobby Lobby, I've used tin boxes, baskets - whatever I find that is appropriate.
  2. I line the box with plastic wrap or any material that might help to water proof the box. Sometimes I use that rubber/plastic drawer lining.
  3. I then cut the floral foam to fit the box (and I make sure the top of the foam is flush with the top of the box). Soak the floral foam in water, and then push it into the box.
  4. I place Spanish moss over the foam and then I cut the flowers and start pushing them into the foam and filling the box. The flowers help "pin" the Spanish moss to the the foam and keep it secure.
  5. I then place the following directions in with the flowers.

DIRECTIONS: This is a Box of Blooms arrangement. PLEASE do NOT water this arrangement. It can be left alone to dry and will remain as a floral keepsake or you can remove the flowers and use this box/container to store photos or mementos of your loved one.

***Special thanks to Trica for finding the BHG link:)***


  1. Hi Kimberly! I have been reading your blog each time you post on facebook. I just love your ideas...I am a perpetual "copier" of great ideas! I actually made a centerpiece like the one you mentioned above back in July. I made it as an anniversary gift for the medical team above our pharmacy. It came it great. Here is the link I used when I made it:

    One important note on the floral foam - make sure it is WET floral foam, not dry! Hope all is well with you and your family :) Tricia R.

  2. Oh gosh, such a cute idea! I do floral arrangements on the side too ;) Check it out

    <3 Pat