Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back to School Supplies & Survival Kits

Well sadly, it's that time of year again! I've been school supply shopping now for a week or so and have almost all my kids items purchased. FYI, if any other parents need Primary Composition Journals (they are basically journals with space at the top of the page for children to draw a picture and then lines for d'nealian writing at the bottom) they do exist but they are extremely hard to find! Target has them but they are in the art supply section by the stationary - and NOT with the school supplies. I have also seen them at Walmart and Office Max. I thought I would save you trips to several stores, because it took me a week to find them.
One thing I do every year for my children's teachers is make and take a "back to school survival kit" at orientation. These can be as big or as little as you want. Items I usually put in mine are things like aspirin (for the headaches they are bound to have that 1st week of school;), shout wipes, a tiny travel sewing kit, mini lint brush, breath mints, chap stick, snacks, candy, soda, breakfast bars (in case they run late one morning), stationary, and whatever else I can think of. It's meant to be a small little supply kit for the emergencies that he or she are bound to run into those 1st few weeks. And to make their return a little more comfortable. I try to bring this kit in at orientation because it's better than sending it with my child (because who knows what might happen to it on the way) and also because the teachers have time to find a home for these items (unlike on the 1st day of school). Plus let's face it - it doesn't really hurt you in the first impression department. I usually include a Teacher Profile in this kit as well. I would always like my own even if I'm not selected as the room parent. It allows me to be aware of any special events for the teacher and also provides a great starting point if I want to purchase anything for the teacher. You can read about Teacher Profile here and use it to create your own.
What are your ideas for back to school?

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