Monday, February 1, 2010

Appreciation Gifts

So I haven't kept up with this blog like I've hoped - but hey I'm doing the best I can. I wanted to post a quick note on the gift I did last week for my daughter's teacher. This past weekend was our teacher's TENTH year teaching at our elementary school. I wanted to do something to express our appreciation for her because she is ADORED by everyone that's been her student (and I know this because I think she's taught everyone on our street)! I always do a DVD for the teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day so I wanted to do something different for this occasion.

My good friend "G" told me about WORDLE a while back. It's this great website where you enter in words and it creates this PDF you edit and then print on paper, transfer paper, shrinky dink paper, tatoo paper - whatever you want! We've made these for grandparents, we made them with scriptures, with poems and stories the possibilities are endless! The more you repeat a word the larger it appears in the picture. To make your own WORDLE go to Below is the framed picture I made for Ms. D.

I also gave her some petit fours (10, one for each year she taught) and flowers with this cute sign that I found at Walmart for under $3!

She's the best and I hope she knew it when she got her gift! If you have any appreciation gifts I hope you share them with me!

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