Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Paper Flowers

Remember making paper flowers out of Kleenex when you were a kid? I think more than a few trees were sacrificed for my paper flower making. Well, here's an easy, more efficient way to make them. These are super easy to attach to card stock if you like to make your own valentines.

First, the cast of characters... Baking Cups and Assorted Brads ( you can find these at Target, Walmart and craft stores)

To make the carnations you will need 3 baking cups of the same color (I used pink) and a pink brad.

Place the 3 baking cups inside eachother and turn them inside out. Then push brad through to the back.

Secure brad by opening up the flaps.

Flip the "flower" back over to the top side of the brad and begin crumpling each baking cup around the brad.

Continue until each baking cup has been crumpled and ta da - your carnation is complete.

To make the daffodils you'll need two yellow baking cups, one white baking cup and a yellow brad....
If you would like to secure your flower to a piece of paper then first punch a hole through the paper using the brad and then remove the brad.

Place the two yellow baking cups with their white sides together and then place these inside the white baking cup.

Secure the baking cups together with the paper by punching the brad through the baking cups and the previous hole you punched in the paper.
Secure the brad, then flip over and crumple the two yellow baking cups around brad and then flatten out the white baking cup. Your daffodil will look like this..

These are so much fun and you can even use pipe cleaners instead of brads to make little stemmed flowers to make a bouquet. Enjoy!

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