Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Valentine Boxes
This year my oldest daughter's teacher had the children send in a cereal box to make their valentine boxes at school. I wasn't quite sure exactly what was going to come home...but I LOVED what did!!

She basically cut the top of the cereal box off at an angle so the back was taller than the front and she had the kids paint the box red.

Then she had the children make a face out of construction paper and crayons and then glue it to the back of inside of the box so it faced out (no pun intended:). See how many Valentines the box holds!!
Then she had them cut out hands and hearts out of construction paper and glue them on the front of the box. SO CUTE! Thanks Ms. "D" - you are the BEST!!

Beside the adorable "cereal box" is my youngest daughter's Valentine box. She was asked to make a unique Valentine Box for her class. I was short on time so this was all I could come up with. We just took a container that my dishwasher tablets came in, covered it with green paper as the "stem" and then cut different sized scalloped circles to make the "petals" of the flower. Then I cut a whole in the top with a knife & scissors - and we have a "flower box"!

Cell Phone Valentine Cards
We decided to make Valentine cards this year. I found this really cute idea in Family Circle or Wondertime - I can't remember which one. To make these you will need: silver or gray card stock, white card stock and candy buttons. I had to go to a local candy store to find all the candy buttons we needed!!

You print out the children's names and the message on white card stock and cut them out. You fold the gray card stock and cut out "phones". Then from the scraps of gray card stock you cut out the antenna. And see below on how to assemble...

Here is the front of the card...

And here is the inside, the cell phone buttons are edible candy buttons!!

Valentine Treats/Snack
I usually send in a small treat for Valentine's Day and I usually send it in some sort of package that the teacher can choose to send home with the students (in case they are too hyper or too busy to eat the treat during the school day). This year I found these boxes on clearance at Target so I made a huge batch of brownies, cut them into heart shapes using a cookie cutter and then put them in the boxes. They LOVED them!!

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