Saturday, August 24, 2013

Steals & Deals Target Edition

Hi everyone!  I was out shopping at Target*** yesterday (I can't help myself).  They had some great items on clearance if you need to make any themed baskets for school events.  Below are some basket themes that coordinate with the items I saw marked down.

  • Take Flight basket - they had lots of kites marked down from $2.08-$2.68, huge foam glider planes you can assemble marked down to $6.98, water balloon launchers, foam rocket launchers, bubbles and bubble machines on clearance as well.
  • Where the Sidewalk Ends - They had huge boxes of sidewalk chalk marked down, all kinds of bubbles, bubble machines, glow bubble solutions and balls on clearance.
  • Digging in the Dirt - Their entire line of Discovery items was marked down, from mini lanterns to butterfly kits, to bug vaccums and more ($2.08-$10.48) along with shovels, rakes and more.
  • Super Hero Basket - They had super hero kites, super here kickboards and TM Ninja Turtle bubbles on clearance.
  • Nerf Basket - They had their entire line Nerf water guns and super soakers on clearance.
Happy Shopping Everyone!!

***Target is Snellville

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