Thursday, August 22, 2013

Deals & Steals

Our school has a Bingo night each fall that every class (i.e. room parent) must create a basket for.  I have also been at schools who hold fundraising auctions at their events or festivals that each class had to make baskets for.  If you need a full list of ideas click here for a more extensive list.  Walmart** currently has lots of games, toys, crafts, outdoor activities and school supplies marked down. I have a list of basket themes below that you could incorporate the items they have marked down if you wanted to get started on yours. Target will be marking their school supplies down soon as well if you prefer to shop there.        
  • Super Hero Basket – they have lots of super hero games and puzzles marked down.
  • Outdoor “Backyard Again” basket – they have lots of outdoor items such as glow in the dark bubbles, balls, rolling buckets, water sprayers, slip and slides, sling shots, bow and arrow, etc.
  • Game Night Basket – they have lots of board games and card games on clearance.
  • Lego Basket – They have little micro Lego character sets on clearance for $2.50 each. 
  • Duck Tape Basket – Walmart has TONS of Duck tape and there are so many craft ideas for it now. Back in the sewing section they have sets Duck tape sheets on clearance for $7 and Duck tape craft activity sets (one makes a boy’s wallet and one makes a girl’s purse) on clearance for $7. 
  • "Let’s Get WILD” theme – There are tons of items on clearance that are zebra or cheetah print like straw cups, lap desks, mirrors, notebook and notepads, locker décor, pens, pencils, travel pillows, tape, etc.
  • Art Basket – they have markers, crayons, notebooks, scissors, glue, etc marked down in the school supply section. They also have sets of 9 art canvases for $9.97 in the craft/sewing section.
Here are some pictures of baskets I did last year with items I purchased on clearance. They are a good example of how things that might not normally "go together" work with the right theme title.  

The first one is a basket I made with a Dippin Dots set that was marked down for $11 and a set of ice cream shaped sidewalk chalk and a journal with an ice cream cone on the front.

The second one is a "Wild About Pink" basket I made from items I bought on clearance.  It had a zebra lap desk I bought on clearance at Walmart, a zebra travel pillow, a zebra journal, zebra Duck tape, pink slipper socks, black and white hair scrunchies, etc. and I bought the cute zebra cellow bag at Hobby Lobby.
**The Walmart I shopped at today is off Collins Hill Road if you are looking for specific items I noted in the basket ideas.

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