Thursday, December 1, 2011

12 Days 2011

It's here!!  I almost forgot today was the day to start, but I remembered as soon as my alarm went off this morning!!  Thanks goodness I shop all fall for this:)  If you are new to my blog or don't know what the 12 Days is then you can click here to read about it.  You can also click on the 12 Days link on the right side of my blog to see last year's 12 Days items.  Basically I send one small gift in every day for the 12 school days leading up to the Holiday break.  The kids are insane and the teachers REALLY do look forward to a treat each day.  People have taken this concept and made many versions.  I have one friend, Michele, who has a whole peppermint theme for her 12 days.  My friend Troye over at For the Joy of Food always sends amazing snacks each day.   And another friend is sending 12 Hershey kisses for Day 12 and 11 gumdrops for Day 11, etc.  I shop for deals on my favorite gifts to give and that's what I send each day.

DAY TWELVE - A gift card/money tree that the entire class contributed to.  I decided this year to do something different than the usual burlap tree.  The teachers have to carry so much home and so I wanted something that would be easy for me and them to transport.  I bought this cardboard tree centerpiece from Walmart for $2 and attached the money/gift cards.  It stands up on it's own or can collapse and go in a gallon ziploc bag.Below you see the front and back.

DAY ELEVEN - A holiday utility tote I bought on clearance for a STEAL from my SIL here.

DAY TEN - An insulated straw tumbler from Walmart.  I love this because you can remove the red strip with the snowflake after the holidays:)

DAY NINE - Because we embroider everything in the south...including toilet paper...and it's pretty thanks to my friend over at  For the Joy of Food!

DAY EIGHT - A 31Gifts Insulated Lunch Tote - I bought this at a clearance sale from here.  They have great sales!!
DAY SEVEN - "All Things Kitchen" - I bought the dish towels from the $2.50 section at Target, the red "scrapper" and the mini whisk from World Plus. 

DAY SIX - "All Things Peppermint" - A notepad from Target's Dollar section, tissues from Hobby Lobby (50% off) and Hand Sanitizer from Bath & Body Works.

Day FIVE - I forgot to take a picture so these are my gloves...but I gave them Performance Fleece gloves from Old Navy for the playground:)

 DAY FOUR - Slipper Socks from Target's Dollar section and their favorite candy

DAY THREE  - A Kirkland's Present Knock Knack.

Day Two is a decorative glass spray bottle.  I love mine.  I keep counter cleaner (like 409, Fantastic, etc.) in it and I keep it out on the counter by the paper towels.  It looks like it belongs there.  It keeps the cleaner handy without making the counter cluttered.  I bought a bunch of these on clearance this summer.  The large ones like this were $2.99 and the small ones were $1.49.


Today was super cold, so I sent a monogrammed  insulated mug I purchased from Kirkland's for $2.99.


  1. Do you plan on doing the "12 Days" for SG's Middle School Teachers? I am going to do it for the first time for Ian's 3 that he has, but adding 6 more gifts for the Middle School Teachers might be too much... :)

  2. No,only going to send one gift in for each of the middle school teachers.