Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Displaced and Disheartened

Today was horrible. My Kindergartener's teacher is getting displaced. It sucks, it's ridiculous that a school system can say that they have the children's best interests in mind and then 5 weeks into the school year go in tomorrow and tell a class of Kindergarteners that they will be reporting to a different teacher and an already existing class on Monday. My daughter is devestated and so am I. But more importantly I'm thinking of our poor teacher caught in the middle of all this.

So what is the proper etiquette for displacement? I say don't gloss over it - call it like it is. I took a "Pity Party" pack to school today and left it on my teacher's desk during recess. I filled it with her (and her para pro's) favorite candy, favorite soda and a gift card to their favorite restaurant for them to go out and have some refreshments on me this week because they deserve it. I wrote them a short card that said I was sorry and that if anyone deserved to have a pity party it was them!! I'm praying that no one else is having to tuck their babies into bed crying tonight because they are upset, confused and scared of being the "new kid" in class when they did NOTHING wrong. But sadly, I'm know I'm not the only one and I think we need to keep in perspective how hard this has to be on the teacher that this is happening to as well...


  1. I think that you and your sweet girl need to go to Scoops for your own "Pity Party"!!! Even in a time of craziness you still have the sweetest ideas!

  2. I just found your blog yesterday … love ti!

    This happened to my daughter last year and I hated it terribly. I loved her teacher and she had bonded with her (and so had I). Fast forward … Of course, she was in the 4th grade and although it was very hard, she ended up with the best fourth grade teacher one could ever ask for. And her displaced 4th grade teacher moved to the 5th grade and is her teacher this year - so they already have a relationship, and so did we and it's made this year very nice so far. It was so hard, but turned out well. I hope you have a similar experience!! Sorry you have to do it though .. it truly does suck.

    The pity party idea is great … I wish I had done this for her teacher last year!

  3. Thank you Heather! That is so sweet and comforting to know. I appreciate you sharing that. I love your blog. The photos are amazing!!

  4. So- I haven't been keeping up with reading blogs...for weeks now! But I came upon my "dashboard" and started reading. Hang in there, Kimberly! Carley, also in kdg this year, had to switch classes after the first few weeks as well. They created a new class to keep class sizes down, and Carley and three of her classmates were chosen to switch to the new class. Urgh. This was TOUGH! She was struggling with feelings of "why me?" and "why did they get rid of me?" and I couldn't do anything to make her feel better or prevent it. That was almost the hardest part. She's been in her new class a few weeks now, and it's good. Time helps...but it's still so maddening that it has to even happen at all! No one to really help them through the transition- just us. I so hope for as smooth a transition as possible for you and your little one, and hope that time will help. :/