Monday, September 20, 2010

CogAT 2010

Hello! I'm still working through last week's displacement but the world still goes on and CogAT testing has started for 1st and 3rd graders!! If you need some great test snack ideas click here. This is a pretty "small" test as standardize tests go, but it's important because these scores are used to determine if your child is a candide for FOCUS (or the gifted program). This week I asked parent volunteers to send in 2 cases of bottled water, bananas, clementines and healthy cereal bars.

On Day 1 - I sent in pretzels, colby jack cheese sticks, strawberries and grapes for class snack.
On Day 2 - I sent in homemade granola for the pre-test breakfast and then I sent in cheddar crackers, string cheese, carrots and sliced cucumbers for the class snack.
On Day 3 - I sent in hommade mini blueberry muffins for the pre-test breakfast and then I sent in cheddar cheese sticks, whole wheat crackers and grapes for the class snack.

Each day I pre-packaged each snack in individual quart size bags (each quart size bag contained a snack bag of pretzels, a snack bag of fruit and a cheese stick) so it would be easy for the teacher to pass out and the kids to eat. I know it might sound like a lot of food but the teacher already e-mailed me and said the kids were starving and ate it all up!!

Also, WhatACuteIdea! has these adorable CogAt survival Kits available for purchase for your teacher. Are they not adorable!!

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