Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hospital Stay Survival Kits

If I ever have a friend or family member spending time in the hospital I try to take them some sort of "survival basket". These will usually include snacks for the waiting room or for the patients room (to save money on vending machines), mints, card games or magazines. If you happen to have a teacher who is having a baby and you have no idea what to get them consider doing a Labor & Delivery basket. These have always been well received when I've given them and they are easily customized to each mom. The teacher I gave one to today is having her 4th baby and it's a scheduled C-section. She's been around the block and probably knows best what to pack herself so I concentrated on giving her little extras that she may not have time to pamper herself with.

For first time moms I usually include slipper socks, a shower puff, shower gel & lotion from Bath & Body works (because the first shower after delivery is the BEST one you've ever had) and some sort of prayer book for moms (with really cute prayers like "Dear God today I feel grubby and am still in my pj's at 3pm"). I usually ALWAYS include a pillow case, thank you notes, a notebook, a gift card to the closest fast food place near the hospital because these are always items that can be used! What items do you like to include in hospital gifts you give?

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