Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher Appreciation PhotoStory 2011

I do a PhotoStory DVD every year for our teachers.  Below is the one we made for my preschool child's teachers this year.  I usually insert a lot about the teacher and some quotes but I felt this was more appropriate for a preschooler.   This is a fabulous sentimental project that has little cost with a HUGE impact (in other words it makes them cry, it means a lot and you still have money left over to buy them a Starbucks gift card;).  You can click here to read more about PhotoStory and how to download it.
NOTE: You could instead have the children say wonderful things or their favorite memories or activities with family members and it makes a FABULOUS Mother's Day, Father's Day or more importantly Grandparent's gift.  They LOVE it:)

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